A quick overview so that you can start your first tour stress-free.

Honestly, after half a year's break, it is so easy to forget everything you need to think about. That's why it's worth checking your equipment in good time. This overview is here to help you enjoy a relaxed start to your first tour.

For all winter tours, your avalanche backpack should include an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel.

Insert the batteries in your avalanche transceiver and start the device. It's important that you always use three new batteries or three already used of the same type. Use either alkaline or lithium batteries. Don't mix them up. We recommend that you replace the batteries at a display of 40%. Check the device for any mechanical damage to the housing. In addition, the functionality of the device should be checked every three years. Do you own a Barryvox®?

Sign up and receive information about the latest software updates. The shovel and probe should, of course, be able to fit into each other without problem. In terms of the avalanche airbag, you should weigh the cartridge before the first tour. Does the weight correspond to the weight stated on the label? If yes, you still have the full amount of air required and enough pressure for activation.

Orientation aids such as a map, compass, an altitude meter and possibly GPS need to be taken on your tour. A cellphone or radio, depending on the tour, are both also important in an emergency. As the cellphone battery is sensitive to the cold, it is advisable to carry the device on your body rather than in your backpack. It is important that the cellphone and other electronic devices are not carried directly above the avalanche transceiver. A distance of approx. 20 cm away from your body is necessary in send mode to prevent interference with the avalanche transceiver's signal. A small first-aid kit should also be included in your backpack. And finally, a small supply of energy food and water has helped so many of us master those last meters to the summit.

author Sabrina Christen


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